I’ve been pretty lax in introducing my roommates, but finally, here they are! These fabulous folks are the ones who have daily put up with my quibbles for the last seven and a half months, and so they must be lauded! ;)


I met Rocky last year; we were in the same weekly Bible study small group, and he was, funnily enough, my dormitory roommate Joy’s boyfriend for the better part of our first year of college.  Rocky was the one who asked me if I would take the fifth spot at #8; obviously, I said yes.

Rocky’s a dual business and psych major, and the mastermind behind the epic entertainment system of #8.  He is bright, cheery, a (recklessly) talented driver, and can sit through a whole season of Community in ONE night.  E-P-I-C.  Rocky also subscribes to the Wall Street Journal for his business classes, but that often involves picking up issues in the morning, stuffing them into a cabinet, and then recycling the sheaves every month or so.  He especially likes muffins and cookies and his girlfriend, Maggie.


I also met Grace last year at Bible study/small group; we hung out a bit, but weren’t too close until we moved into #8.  She’s a bit of a fashionista–her closet is massive–and she’s magical in her expertise with makeup.

Grace is studying neuroscience, having officially declared just yesterday, and is working towards either pharmacy or dental school; she hasn’t decided yet.  She is also a lifeguard at the CCRB, and works with me at [undisclosed location; don’t wanna get dooced!].  Grace is also the most violent of us all (she’s always egging me to beat up Jason!), and owns all the stuffed animals currently in residence in #8 (though Rocky was the one who insisted she bring them).  In August, she’ll be moving downstairs to #4.


I met Lily through Grace a few, fleeting times freshman year, but not until moving into #8 together did I get to really know Lily.  I found out that she is studying neuroscience, aiming for medical school, works with rats in a research laboratory, has perfect pitch, is an epic photographer, is kind of a sadist, likes really spicy food, can stare at a book and literally absorb information, drinks Monster, and loves to shout at the television, just like I do!

Lily and I usually bond over pictures and animated gifs of adorable baby animals.  We also like to watch medical procedurals together and critique shoddy laboratory practices, and we occasionally swap Russian literature (though neither of us have finished the first set of books we’ve traded, her copy of Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov for my copy of Bulgakov’s The Master and the Margarita).  She has a cat at home that’s really fat, but adorably so.


Jason and I actually met on the very first day that we all moved into #8 together.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but we’ve become friends and he’s a wonderful roommate.  He’s kind of a sissypants shy and he didn’t want his face to show on the blog, so in this picture, flanked by Grace and I, he’s holding an Ugly Doll to mask himself.  He’s not ugly, though; just silly!

Jason’s studying computer science, and is a pretty epic Tetris player on Facebook (he’s even ranked).  He also does a lot of coding, for class and for his own entrepreneurial ventures, and is perpetually suffering from one physical injury or another, stemming from his many sports activities (tennis, volleyball, soccer).  We’re both night owls, but occasionally, Grace and Lily will also stay up, and we’ll have what we like to call “girl talk–with Jason!”  He’ll often just listen in, snigger at us, and then occasionally offer up his Y-chromosome expertise. =P  He can be quite infantile and petulant, sometimes, though, but it’s always amusing–his face, though you can’t see it, resembles a little boy, and one can’t help but be amused!