I’m at home.  Today, coincidentally, was Take-Our-Sons-And-Daughters-To-Work Day/Earth Day Celebration at GM, so I hung out with my parents with a bunch of elementary schoolers.  It was… something. >.>

The rest of this post isn’t accurate in the chronological sense, but it is a fair reflection of how I usually get home.  I grew up in the quaint little suburban city of Troy, Michigan, and when I can’t find a carpool heading back there for the odd weekend home, I take…

From the south...

...to the north!

…the train!  Amtrak’s actually pretty annoying; the train is usually late–last time by an hour and a half–and there’s no WiFi on the train or at the station.  Food, besides two sad, dirty-looking vending machines, is quite far away, and when you walk into the station, there’s almost a feeling of intruding on a scene from the past, this preserved space.  In other words, the place is dated.  And old.  Freaking old.  Not in a good way.

Riding on the train itself is usually an enjoyable experience.  Though Internet-less, there’s an outlet for my computer, so I can still write, upload photos, watch DVDs, play Plants vs. Zombies, and on the rare trip where I don’t feel like booting up the old laptop, read a good print book.

I usually go home for two, three days each month (this time around, school has ended :D and I carpooled with Lily).  Here’s what I always take:

My riff on those 'What's in your bag?' posts. :P

  • Clothing!  Most of my closet has migrated to #8, so I usually bring a couple outfits home.
  • Messenger bag.  I don’t usually like carrying around small purses, but my mum insists upon it, so this bright orange bag sits in my closet for most of the time, until I need to go home.  When my mummy’s around, I’m not allowed to use the Derek Lam brass-detailed satchel or the feather-python bucket bag. ='(
  • Glasses cases.  I’m a sucker for luxury brand plastic eye wear, and one should always take care of anything that assists in daily functions.  MaxMara frames for daily wear, and Miu Miu sunnies. 8D
  • BOOKS!  Underneath the glasses are five paperbacks.  There’s very little to do in Troy besides going to the library or shopping; there’s this little mall we have, called Somerset (you might’ve heard of it if you live in Michigan, or are Asian visiting Michigan… >.>).  Since the city’s being ridiculous and shutting down the library, it’s now BYOB–Bring Your Own Book!
  • BAGELS. And cream cheese.  My mother and sister, one cold, winter day ten years ago, wandered into a bagel shop in Ann Arbor and ate some bagels.  And fell in love.  And forgot to note the name of the bagel store.  When I moved to Ann Arbor, I asked around and we reasoned out that the mysterious, beloved bagel shop was Breugger’s, and now, every time I go home, I must bring at least half a dozen or be locked out!