I have been back in Ann Arbor (away on an unexpected, in many ways, trip to Shanghai) for a few weeks, but haven’t felt the compulsion to update. For that, dear readers, I sincerely apologize and promise that many, many entries are on their way!!

On the way to work yesterday, however, I came across local Ann Arbor artist David Zinn working on a new mural and found it too adorable not to photograph and too lovely not to share.

Is that pig not adorable?!  One of my English teachers in high school used to pass out miniature ceramic pigs at the end of the year; she says in Germany, they’re a symbol of good luck!

The magic of chalk!  Anything arranged in a kaleidoscope of colors makes me happy.

Had lunch at Sava’s the other day, just by myself and a lovely book.  Their juices are fabulous (especially the Citrus Sunrise–orange, grapefruit and watermelon), and the above was my first meal in Ann Arbor when I first came to the city two years ago: a BLT with a fried egg, and sweet potato fries.  I’m getting back into school mode, and to recreate, on a gustatory level, the exposition of my collegiate career was a quirky, spur-of-the-moment, satisfyingly delicious idea.

What are you all doing to prepare for the upcoming return to academia?