It’s been a busy weekend, out in the real world and in the little domestic bubble here in #8.  Just take a look at the view from halfway down the stairs:

The school year is about to begin–a week and a half until our first day–and move-ins are starting to punctuate the Ann Arbor landscape.  There will be some roommate transitions here, and in the meantime, many of our friends have decided to leave their things at our place while they juggle homes.  I have, thus, a twofold reaction when they arrive in Ann Arbor: “Welcome back–now get your crap out of my apartment or I’ll toss it!!”

In the mean time, Rocky, Albert and I went on an adventure of sorts this past Thursday; waking up at 7AM–in summer hours, that translates to the crack of dawn–and headed out of #8 in the wee morning hours on a quest.  The night before, they’d called nearly every Best Buy in southeastern Michigan, searching for a store that would have HP TouchPads in stock–the two wavered for a few days whether or not the discontinued and severely discounted tablets would be worth buying, and by the time they decided $150 would be a suitable purchase price for a machine that cost $330 to manufacture, it was already difficult to find a legitimate retailer online.

7.15--Rocky checking the computer before we headed out!

They tracked down 17 tablets that were on their way to Farmington Hills; hence, a mini-road trip commenced to guarantee procurement of the desired computers.  Excessive groaning about the hour, reckless driving, morning traffic, and a short discussion on Pastafarian beliefs punctuated the forty-five minute ride.

“Wait–Flying Spaghetti Monster?!”

“Yeah… it’s their god.  Pretty cool, hunh?”

“You’re shitting me!” <– Rocky’s catchphrase.

What I didn’t realize was that we would have to wait in line; unfortunately, it was quite cold and I hadn’t brought a jacket. Neither had Rocky, and while we sat, huddled and shivering, Albert just laughed at us. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long, and we occupied ourselves by manipulating fat, opera-singing graphic little men on Rocky’s iPod.

Ultimately, we got our TouchPads (we were numbers 10, 11, and 12 in line), and we are very thoroughly amused by all the silly games we can play.  The following exchange between Albert and Rocky, discussing the lackluster quality of that morning’s breakfast, was probably my favorite exchange of our adventure:“If they don’t have it and we waited out here for nothing, we’re going to McDonald’s on the way back!”

“So… if they do have it–“

“-we’re still going to McDonald’s on the way back!”


We never went to McDonald’s; they were too busy playing!