La Vie en 8 (lah-vee-ahn-weet) is a catalog of happenings; mostly food happenings, funny stories here and there, and musing.


I live in #8. Not going to tell you what apartment complex exactly, but everyone knows my place as #8. I live in the fabulous city of Ann Arbor, MI, and attend the University of Michigan with my quirky roommates.  If you’re creepy curious, here’s more about me.

My favorite song is La Vie en Rose. Hence, the name of this blog.  Obviously, the Edith Piaf version in French can’t be beat, but other favorite renditions include Louis ArmstrongPomplamoose, and Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. I am a bit of a Francophile. And the Marion Cotillard movie was also amazing.

This is just a collection of stories. Cohabitation is a funny thing; living with a roommate in the dormitory is one kind of experience, and then moving into an apartment (or house) with a larger number of people is another adventure entirely.  Throw in XX and XY chromosomes, a supporting cast of visiting friends, a perpetually pre-heated oven, and a collegiate setting, and we have ourselves robustly full lives.