I, Gina Chen, am a sophomore-soon-to-be-junior at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, studying for a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies. I love to bake, watch television and read, the latter most excessively.

The Long, Self-Indulgent Description //

I’m a soon-to-be-twenty, existentialist loafer indulger in life, pursuing a degree that brings me dubious prospects for the future and occupying the rest of my time by decidedly avoiding developing any constructive, applicable skills.  I read lots of blogs (428 and counting) on a myriad of subjects, which reflects how vast my interests are and how committed to cosmopolitanism I am–bring up any topic, be it politics, pop culture, technology, religion, and I can chatter endlessly.  I also read lots of books and collect texts; anything related to absurdism makes me giddy.

My activities outside of class include feeding my friends, scribbling doodles and fashion illustration, keeping up with about twenty television shows during the regular season (favorites: Modern Family and everything AMC) , playing capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), and blogging.  The latter I have been doing for about two years, beginning with writing for SHEI, the campus fashion magazine, and then going on to launch with friends the now-defunct FORMzine, an Ann Arbor-based fashion, pop culture and geekery blog.  There was also a previous, short-lived personal blog, The Malapropic Ninny, where I rambled a lot.

Coming from an artsy background of sorts (lots of drawing and painting lessons as a kid), I really came to appreciate design and style in my freshman year of college.  I got promoted to the Executive Board became Marketing Director of SHEI after only three months of involvement (overachiever, yo), and the experience of putting together fashion shoots, a magazine, and fashion shows really gave me new perspective on how much work goes into creating a single product.  All the time and effort I spent on that one extracurricular, combined with a less-than-stellar transition from high school to college and frustration from trying to wedge myself into some sort of science-related career path led to more than a few mental breakdowns in the summer and fall of 2010, and in December, I got diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD).

Lots of therapy sessions and time self-reflecting later, I’m a pretty well-adjusted kid, albeit one recovering from getting burned out and a love-hate relationship with food and fashion.  I’ve quit SHEI and FORMzine was left behind to pursue other projects, such as this blog, becoming culinary adept, and freelance styling for photographer friends.  My favorite activity to do now is to meet people and just talk, to explore their passions and discover my own, pinpointing how and why we’ve come to be the people we are (personal relationships, media, history, the media that makes up the remembered and marginalized histories… why I’m a Comm/APIA student!).

If you’ve come to the end of this, thanks for indulging me.  I hope you enjoy my blog; feel free to comment or e-mail me with any remarks or questions! =)