the rhetoric of blogging // T Hetzel

The class blog for SWC200, run by our lecturer.  Check out this blog for information on our assignments and what goes on in the University of Michigan’s blogging class!


chocolate covered chinos // Jordan

Tag-lined with ‘Confessions of a twenty-something foodie,’ Jordan’s blog is centered around just that; read for recipes and adventures around Ann Arbor food.


Andrea’s blog is built around acting as a central database of stylish, sustainable fashion to the masses; read to find ethical clothing that bring good karma.

HomoEconomicus // Pinzhi

Busy is your average college student, but probably not efficient. Pinzhi’s your remedy!

Jeans + T-Shirt // Jeremy

Jeremy’s really into style and fashion, and even better is his appreciation for and attention to menswear.  There is nothing quite as beautiful as the lines of a well-tailored suit.  Really.  (Tuxedos? Meh).

Say Kimchi // Jeesoo

This blog makes me super hungry every time Jeesoo updates; it’s all about Korean food, how to make it and why you should eat it (because it’s so good!).

s(c)een(e) it // Lu

Lu loves movies, or, more appropriately, movie scenes. He especially likes to take specific frames and break them down for analysis–something we should all do more often to fully appreciate and understand the images presented to us by the media!

Seeing the Sunny Side Up in Life // Lauren

Lauren’s blog highlights everyday things that pop up in her life that bring a little joy; hopefully, they’ll bring some joy to you, dear reader!

small eyes // Hannah

Contemplations and hope are what you’ll find over at Hannah’s blog; she writes about being an optimist and having lots of questions.  Her goal is that her life “be about loving [not tolerating] God & people.”

Sure I’ll Try That… // John

John likes to experiment… in self-experimentation. He likes to try different things you can do to your body–altering your sleep cycle, unusual diets, displaced activities, and more.  His journey’s interactive, as well–check out his blog for experiment updates and to vote on or even suggest his next exploration!

Sunny Side Up // Lauren

Positive psychology and optimism are the recurring themes in Lauren’s blog; check for quick, cute posts on making the most of each day. :)

The Recovering Overachiever // Sara

Sara’s blog is about possibilities–she’s almost done with college, and anything is possible for the future. This is her deciding to and living.

The Thought Collector // Martha

Martha declares herself to be four things: wanderer, writer, reader, and thinker.  Read her blog for her fun, quirky, awesome personality and some rad poetry.

To Meat or Not to Meat // Caroline

Caroline’s tackling something I could never do–vegetarianism.  She’s not completely sure if she’s willing to give up meat or not, and in her decision-making process, she brings up many ideas on both sides of the debate.

Waiting for November // Jack

Jack geeks on elections and politics; Election Day is his favorite day of the year, and while he’s waiting for that day to come, read his blog to keep up with the fact that government is in place all the other days of the year, too.

Walk Her Way // Toni

Toni’s blog is one of self-exploration; she’s got a million facets of herself (conveniently listed in her about page!) that are all fascinating and poignant.  Tag-lined “Chronicles of a Motherless Student,” this blog is much more.

YGO Canon Shuffle // Melissa

Melissa is a self-proclaimed “lifelong YGO fangirl,” and this blog is a bit of a testament to that statement.  If you’re a fan of either the manga or the anime, check out her blog for her musings on the differences between the two, and how they relate to history and the present.