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I’m at home.  Today, coincidentally, was Take-Our-Sons-And-Daughters-To-Work Day/Earth Day Celebration at GM, so I hung out with my parents with a bunch of elementary schoolers.  It was… something. >.>

The rest of this post isn’t accurate in the chronological sense, but it is a fair reflection of how I usually get home.  I grew up in the quaint little suburban city of Troy, Michigan, and when I can’t find a carpool heading back there for the odd weekend home, I take…

From the south... the north!

…the train!  Amtrak’s actually pretty annoying; the train is usually late–last time by an hour and a half–and there’s no WiFi on the train or at the station.  Food, besides two sad, dirty-looking vending machines, is quite far away, and when you walk into the station, there’s almost a feeling of intruding on a scene from the past, this preserved space.  In other words, the place is dated.  And old.  Freaking old.  Not in a good way.

Riding on the train itself is usually an enjoyable experience.  Though Internet-less, there’s an outlet for my computer, so I can still write, upload photos, watch DVDs, play Plants vs. Zombies, and on the rare trip where I don’t feel like booting up the old laptop, read a good print book.

I usually go home for two, three days each month (this time around, school has ended :D and I carpooled with Lily).  Here’s what I always take:

My riff on those 'What's in your bag?' posts. :P

  • Clothing!  Most of my closet has migrated to #8, so I usually bring a couple outfits home.
  • Messenger bag.  I don’t usually like carrying around small purses, but my mum insists upon it, so this bright orange bag sits in my closet for most of the time, until I need to go home.  When my mummy’s around, I’m not allowed to use the Derek Lam brass-detailed satchel or the feather-python bucket bag. ='(
  • Glasses cases.  I’m a sucker for luxury brand plastic eye wear, and one should always take care of anything that assists in daily functions.  MaxMara frames for daily wear, and Miu Miu sunnies. 8D
  • BOOKS!  Underneath the glasses are five paperbacks.  There’s very little to do in Troy besides going to the library or shopping; there’s this little mall we have, called Somerset (you might’ve heard of it if you live in Michigan, or are Asian visiting Michigan… >.>).  Since the city’s being ridiculous and shutting down the library, it’s now BYOB–Bring Your Own Book!
  • BAGELS. And cream cheese.  My mother and sister, one cold, winter day ten years ago, wandered into a bagel shop in Ann Arbor and ate some bagels.  And fell in love.  And forgot to note the name of the bagel store.  When I moved to Ann Arbor, I asked around and we reasoned out that the mysterious, beloved bagel shop was Breugger’s, and now, every time I go home, I must bring at least half a dozen or be locked out!

A lot going on this week… including my update pattern.  I think it’s very ironic that right after my blogging class concludes that I have increased motivation to write everyday.

Class at the University is wrapping up (I only have one, awful, long paper left to write), and then it will be S-U-M-M-E-R.  Not the real season, but the ridiculous, long four months of what should be planting season in our previously agriculture-based society, and like every year for the last six or so years, I am in a quandary of what my plans will be.  I have a general outline (working, reading, cooking, and blogging, of course), but there’s an anticipation for something wonderful, something exciting to happen, and I don’t know what that something is!

Obviously, one of my goals for the summer is to be coherent. =P

My usual state, which doesn't require verbal articulation, unless... something's on fire.

Anyway, this Wednesday, I practiced the favorite art of procrastination by baking; my un-studying was made better by the fact that a). it was done with friends and b). we brought joy (and cookies!) to other people.  I have a very self-focused philosophy of living to enjoy myself, and most other people’s happiness is of negligible import, but I do find it self-affirming to occasionally spread good cheer.  Happy people munching on my baking is like getting hugged, except I don’t even have to touch a person (long story short… I had a traumatizing experience with superglue as a teenager, and now have extreme aversions to physical contact).

My Bible study group got together at the apartment of our Fearless Leader (aka Rosalie), and we spent three hours baking cookies to pass out to hungry, harried students studying in the libraries on campus.  It was part outreach in that there were Bible verses printed out and wrapped with each cookie, but it was, for me, mostly another way to avoid studying and fun to do a random act of kindness.

The boys, left to right, Josh, Nathan, and Sassypants (Andy), at work.

All the eggs and butter we used... mmmm butter.

Benefit of unorthodoxly using one's hands to make cookie dough: eating the residue.

Fearless Leader/Rosalie taking over. That's Nathan in the back, still eating cookie dough.

The chocolate chip cookie dough Nathan was eating.

Sassypants Andy trying to mix the oatmeal raisin cookie dough with a spoon. When that failed...

...he decided to emulate Nathan's hands-on method (not... really sorry for the pun. =P). Josh is in the middle, and Jodi and Iris are working on sugar cookies to the right.

I was assigned white chocolate macadamia cookies. They're my mother's favorite!

Bert, the oven mitten monster that took over Josh's arm.

The overflowing box and basket of wrapped cookies. We made a lot of students happy. =3

And… finally… the last part of this post.  The Life of the Humble Sugar Cookie:

Iris creaming the butter and sugar together for the sugar cookie.

Rolled out and dusted with sugar before baking...

...and here they are, out of the oven.

There were good ones. They got wrapped up and paired with a Biblical message; don't really agree with Matthew here... but who reads inserts when there's a cookie right there? Besides with fortune cookies. =P

The many rejects. :D