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Guten morgen! And I mean that… I’ve only just gotten up about half an hour ago.  XD  A late night playing a raucous game of Apples to Apples and an unexpected, odd sleepover of sorts resulted in going to bed at 5AM and waking up past noon, leaving me to scramble and condense what I’d planned to do.

The About Me page is updated, with a very long, narcissistic rambling.  I also got rid of explications and just combined that in the general About page.

Also also also… here’s a hint of what I’m up to tonight!  No, it’s not a rave:


Just updated the SWC200 Blogroll with almost everybody’s blogs/links! If you don’t like the description I’ve written, please let me know–I’d be happy to amend it!

To check out the new blogroll, click SWC200 Blogroll above underneath the ‘Blogroll’ tab, or click HERE.